An original Morrowind dev is back to working on the game 20 years after quitting Bethesda with an impressive sounding mod

By admin May19,2024

Douglas Goodall, a quest designer for Morrowind, is once again working on the classic Bethesda game through the power of mods.

While it’s been more than 20 years since Goodall actually worked at Bethesda, the game designer has been back at work on Morrowind, having worked on a mod for the game that features an all new storyline (thanks, GamesRadar). Goodall has been working on the mod under the pseudonym AFFA, where he’s been serving as a writer for it. The mod in question is titled Red Wisdom – An Ashlandr Prophecy, and sees you embarking “on a mystical journey as you unravel the ancient prophecy of Red Wisdom. Join forces with wide-eyed Nirani to unlock the hidden truths that lie within the sacred burial sites of the tribes. Explore a new angle to Ashlander lore, confront wild beasts and Daedric interlopers, and piece together the puzzle which may shape the fate of Morrowind.”

Some of the features of the mod listed include the ability to “explore a brand new grotto used by the Ahemmusa tribe to ‘bury’ their dead” and “visit the exterior burial sites of the Erabenimsun and Zainab tribes.” You’ll also be able to collect “four elemental-themed Ashlander trinkets” all which have custom art, as well as experience “new Ashlander lore through the trials of a young Wise Woman apprentice.” It sounds like a pretty impressive mod overall, and the fact it has an original Morrowind designer attached to it certainly adds something special to it too.

Of course, for the most part at the moment players will be thinking of Bethesda’s more contemporary games for more than one reason. For starters, there’s the new Starfield update that just released this week, which will obviously give players a reason to jump back into it. And of course there’s the Fallout show that everyone’s still raving about, which yes, will be getting a season two.

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