MultiVersus getting a PvE Mode called Rifts with combat mutators

By admin May18,2024

A new PvE mode is coming to MultiVersus called Rifts, and it gives you an entirely new way to play the game by allowing you to travel the Multiverse and fight through a series of encounters with combat mutators.

Each Rift has a sequence of battles or challenges around a particular theme, organized around seasonal Attunements such as Chaos, for the Joker.

Here’s an overview of Rifts Mode in MultiVersus.Watch on YouTube

When first diving into Rifts Mode you’ll learn the basic systems and mechanics within a special Tutorial Rift before graduating to Seasonal Rifts. These have unique stages, skins, characters, and mutators. They also become harder as you progress.

Encounters in Rifts Mode have a variety of different effects called mutators leading to some silly, but challenging combat encounters. Some of the mutators you experience will be influenced by that Rift’s theme, while others will be tweaked for maximum chaos. Examples include the Infinite Jumps mutator and the Chicken Gauntlets Mutator. There are also over a dozen of mini-games within Season One of Rifts which could be a quick matching game or a game of volleyball.

Boss Battles are also being introduced within the Rifts mode, and each will end with a Rift-themed boss battle aimed at challenging your abilities in a creative and fun way.

While you can play Rifts Mode entirely solo, you can also go online to play co-op. When in co-op, you can earn rewards as a team, and you’ll share in the rewards.

There are numerous rewards for progressing in Rifts Mode and new challenges will be updated regularly. As you progress through your nodes, you’ll complete various optional mission objectives that reward you stars, each one giving you more and more rewards. Additionally, season-long events will reward you for beating bosses at increasing difficulty levels.

As you navigate through a Rift, you can always go back and replay any battle you particularly liked or try to get more stars and rewards on that node.

The mode makes use of Gems – essentially power-ups – that provide bonuses to make tougher nodes less challenging. There are three types of gems: Offense, Defense, and Utility and each gem has an associated Attunement related to the current season. When you get multiple versions of the same gems, you can level them up, instead of hoarding them in your inventory. Various gems of different rarities can be discovered and used for an increase in power. You can earn gems through organic gameplay and completing your Battle Pass.

Rifts Mode will be updated frequently, so each season should look different than the last.

More mutators, and mini-games will be coming in new seasons, so what you see on May 28 is only the beginning.

Check out the video above for more details on Rifts, and the one below showing off the Banana Guard from Adventure Time.

The Banana Guards from Adventure Time have invaded the Multiverse!Watch on YouTube

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