Horcrux College Is What Happens When Arknights Meets Girls’ Frontline

By admin May18,2024

Horcrux College, a new side-scrolling cyberpunk idle RPG drops today globally. Published by AojiaoStudio on Android, it’s free to play and offers some in-app purchases. The game, set in the future, started pre-registrations in March and had a round of CBT for the global servers in December 2023.

Where X-MAS Is A Virus

Setting its premise in the year 2048, Horcrux College shows you a place where civilization has boomed due to advanced AI development. However, a virus named X-MAS hits the world and sends the entire AI system into chaos. These AI robots then start making humans their target.

So, after X-MAS turns AI against their creators, Horcrux Academy students band together. I must say here that these students are skilled in both combat and fashion. Just like any other RPG hit by a virus or other types of evil, you must figure out what caused the disruption and restore peace by battling on the grounds of Horcrux College.

As an idle game, Horcrux College lets you progress with minimal interaction. The game also includes a social system for real-time player interactions, where you can share strategies or simply support your favourite girl. The dorm system also lets you chat with the characters and unlock events.

Horcrux College features a 2D side-scrolling brawler format with visual novel elements. It also incorporates gacha mechanics, enabling you to recruit more characters to your team. It has flexible customization and upgrade options where your choices directly impact the storyline.

Horcrux College Was Here Once Before

Actually, this isn’t Horcrux College’s first run. It launched its Japanese version on April 16, 2020, only to shut down on June 16, 2022. Now, with a second (and global) stint, let’s see how well this one’s received by players worldwide. If you want to try it out, grab it from the Google Play Store.

Also, the dev team is celebrating the monitors’ (your) enrolment. So, they’re giving out 20 Gacha Tickets for free! Meanwhile, check out some of our other news. It’s Spring Time In Bunny Island, So Usagi Shima Has Carrots On Sale!

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