Fallout is headed to Fortnite’s next season

By admin May17,2024

War never changes, and either does Fortnite‘s love of a crossover. Thus, Fallout and Fortnite are colliding as the post-apocalyptic RPG heads to the battle royale shooter’s upcoming next season.

The official Fortnite TwiXer account confirmed that Fallout would appear in its Wrecked season – that’s Chapter 5 Season 3, for those keeping count – by sharing an imagine of a Brotherhood of Steel knight in the iconic T-60 power armour looming over some yellow-orange clouds. Accompanying the teaser image were emoji of a winking face and a thumbs-up – a fairly unsubtle reference to Fallout’s chirpy Vault Boy mascot.

Meanwhile, Fortnite’s own in-game announcement adds that the crossover will arrive “courtesy of the Brotherhood of Steel” in exactly one week: next Friday, May 24th.

The reveal of the Fallout x Fortnite collab – the latest in a long line of video game crossovers for Epic’s battle royale game after the likes of The Witcher, Metal Gear Solid, God of War and Halo’s Master Chief – comes as it gears up for the next evolution of its map.

As is now standard for Fortnite, its next season was teased by an in-game event. This time, it saw the currently Greek-themed map’s statue of Zeus raise its sword to the sky and summon a pillar of red lightning that crashed onto Pandora’s Box. From there, the lightning ball went skipping over the map before exploding on the horizon, bringing forth dark clouds of a storm crackling with energy while an electric guitar shredded in the background.

There’s been rumour of the Wrecked season having a post-apocalyptic theme – which the crossover with Fallout would certainly lend weight to – with recent leaks hinting at another collab with Mad Max, presumably timed with upcoming prequel movie Furiosa. (Thanks, Eurogamer.) Billie Eilish is also expected to turn up at some point, becoming the latest musician to enter the Fortnite spotlight after Eminem, Ariana Grande and more.

As for the Fallout crossover, we don’t yet know what it’ll look like. Will it just focus on the very popular Amazon TV series? Or will it dare to delve deeper than Fallout 4, 3 and New Vegas by pulling out some nods to the series’ early CRPG roots? We’ll know in a week!

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