Don’t Go to Disney World Without These 7 Items

By admin May17,2024

Your trip to Disney World is coming up and we’ve got to talk!

Don’t go to Disney without these things.

We know you’re getting ready and finalizing those last-minute reservations, but we wanted to talk about what you’re packing in your suitcase for the trip. Specifically, we’ve got a list of must-haves (basically essentials at this point) that we think are going to be perfect for your trip to Disney World. Let’s go!

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FuelRods can be found all around the parks!

There’s one thing that you’re going to go through a lot when you’re at Disney World and that is power, specifically power for your devices. This is because you need to do everything with your phone. You have to use the My Disney Experience app for just about everything on top of having to use your phone to capture all the photos and videos of your trip. If you don’t come prepared with a portable charger (or two) you run the risk of running out of juice long before the end of your day. Save yourself all kinds of headaches and make sure you’re prepared with portable chargers like these Fuel Rods which you can swap out at a TON of locations throughout the parks for freshly topped off ones. We like to buy ours on Amazon because you basically get two for he price you’d pay for one in the parks!

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Owala Water Bottle

The next thing you need to keep an eye on while at Disney World is your hydration. It wouldn’t be Florida if it wasn’t hot and humid most of the time. That means you’re going to dripping sweat just standing still and the last thing we want for you is to face dehydration while you’re on vacation. You can save yourself the headache (and a lot of coin) if you come prepared with a reusable bottle like this one from Owala. We love the one we have and since there are a lot of refilling stations throughout the parks, we never have to worry about paying for bottled water. This bottle keeps our water cool all day long, is slim, and durable! We also like to have the characters sign it!

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Personal Neck Fan

In the same vein as keeping yourself hydrated, you need to stay cool in the Florida heat. You’re not going to find a lot of shade at Disney World and since the sun is going to be beating down on you, you can make sure you’re not overheating by having a personal neck fan like this one on hand. Depending on the fan speed you choose, you can get anywhere between 4-16 hours of cool, which can potentially get you through the entire day. We love ours and can’t recommend it enough. We also love that these are hands free!

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Clear Rain Jacket

You’re going to notice a trend with these and it’s that you need to be prepared for everything Florida will throw at you. Not only is Florida hot and humid almost year-round, but during the rainy season (which lasts for quite a large portion of the year) you’re almost guaranteed to get at least one rain shower per day. We can’t recommend having a pair of good quality reusable ponchos in your bag for the parks. They will come in so handy for those quick showers and you can fold them down really tightly, which means you can even carry them in a belt bag too. We like this one because it buttons and you don’t have to pull it over your head! They’re also a nice thick material.

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Just like with what we were saying about needing to have portable chargers with you because of all the power you’re going to burn through, you really need to consider bringing a power strip with you too. The portable chargers will get you through the days, but then you’ll need a solution so that you can charge up all your devices and those chargers at night, and you can’t really beat using a power strip like this one which will have you charging up to 7 devices at once.

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Multi-charger charger for MagicBand+

If you find bringing a power strip to be a little too much to fit in your suitcase, consider a muli-charger like this one! We love ours. It lets us charge up to 3 MagicBand+ and our phone at the same time, which is honestly all that we need when going to the parks. Yeah, you have to charge MagicBands now…

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Loungefly Organizer

We love taking our Loungefly backpacks on our trips to Disney World, but let’s be honest. The stuff we put in it can get lost like we put it in a much larger bag. So, take our advice. If you’re bringing your Loungefly, you should consider outfitting it with an organizer. They’ll save you so much stress and will keep all of your essentials perfectly organized. This one fits perfectly in our Loungefly, fits a ton of stuff, and is only $15! You can’t beat that.

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