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Want to don some Anime Max Simulator accessories? Not just because they look cool, but because they grant you a variety of useful buffs!

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Anime Max Simulator Accessories

Equipping accessories boost your overall power and DMG. However, they can also increase the amount of EXP and Yen you obtain, and some even increase your chances of getting a rare Shiny drop!

Head Accessories

Battle in style with a cool mask or even some adorable bunny ears!

Smith Mask

Obtained via defeating a total of 300 Emo, 400 Dikai, 100 Moutran, 200 Asaca, and 150 Shiba. Good luck with the grind!

Tog Mask

Inspired by Toga’s mask from My Hero Academia! It’s a pretty cool-looking accessory, but to obtain it, you must: defeat 95 Shira, 230 Over, 150 Tog, and 215 Kisaraku.

  • +1.5x Power
  • +1.85 EXP gained

Oto Mask

If you want the Oto Mask, you must defeat 175 Chi, 350 Rada, 299 Zaza, 125 Kaya, and 249 Ochi!

Biiros Ears

Beat 150 Kid Lee, 450 Radio, 200 Vital, 350 Amasso, and 125 Nil to collect this accessory piece. A cute bunny ear hat!

  • +0.25% chance of obtaining a Shiny
  • +1 Luck

Hollow Mask

Fancy sporting a Hollow mask from Bleach? Well, you’re required to beat 425 Coyoto, 200 Aizon, 300 Giz, 150 Olquirra, and 300 Byakuyo before you can do that!

  • +0.4% chance of getting a Shiny
  • +1.5 Luck

Cool Glasses

To obtain these glasses, defeat 450 Tuta, 75 Socu, 250 Maha, 500 Hami, and 100 Gato. They look pretty much like Gojo’s sunglasses!


Get your coat on and get out there to battle!

Exploration Cape

Fan of Attack on Titan? Levi would be impressed! Beat 340 Fluich, 200 Rayner, 380 Bertrand, 270 Annia, and 85 Sike to sport the Exploration Cape accessory.

Dark Cloak

Defeat 80 Kiro, 400 Swordsman, 300 Geo, 350 Silc, and 100 Leaf to unlock the Dark Cloak.

  • +1.25x Drops
  • +1.5x EXP gained

Joro Coat

  • +1.8x Yen earned
  • +2x Drops

Punch Cape

To obtain this cape, you must defeat 5 Sea Kings, 500 Aliens, 150 Massive Aliens, 350 Vaccine Man, and 129 Garou.

Gang Cloak

The requirements to unlock the Gang Cloak are a little weird, to say the least! Apparently, you have to defeat 0 Iza, 0 Kazu, 0 Dark Sanokey, 0 Aka, and 0 Jiba to get this accessory.

  • +1.75x Drops
  • +2x Yen earned

Admiral Cloak

Time to defeat 420 Clown, 250 Mochron, 460 Metamorphina, 125 Draegon, and 360 Flamingo if you want this cloak.

  • +1.5x Yen earned
  • +1.9x Power

Other Accessories

These accessories are neither headpieces of coats/capes!


If you want Pochita to join you along your journey, you need to defeat 300 Zombie 2, 120 Akane, 500 Zombie 1, 80 Katana Man, and 160 Negotiation Man.

  • +0.6% chance of obtaining a Shiny
  • +2 Luck

Fairy Wings

Channel your inner fairy with these wings! Collect them by beating 76 Roussa, 216 Knights, 98 Fraude, 0 Zield (confusing!), and 180 Mela.

Demon Wing

The opposite of a fairy wing, the Demon Wing requires 100 Chrono kills, 500 Noble Aqua, 300 Lic, 480 Fafa, and 200 Leve.

Meru Wings

Defeat 58 Small Ants, 4 Hisa, 0 Topi, 0 Figurant, and 47 Meru to collect.

  • +2x EXP earned
  • +2.25x Power

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