We Just Spotted an Exciting CHANGE in the Disney World App!

By admin May16,2024

We’ve seen all kinds of Disney World park maps over the years. We’ve seen familiar Disney characters grace the front cover. We’ve seen the iconic Cinderella Castle take center stage on old maps. We’ve even seen regular old Disney World visitors (or Disney models…how do we get that job?!) earn a spot on the front of the map. Talk about a big honor! But Disney also has a digital park map that comes in handy when you’re on the go.

Magic Kingdom park maps change all the time!

Not to sound dramatic, but we use the My Disney Experience app pretty much every single day. We’re in the parks every day of the year, so between all the Mobile Orders we have placed, the wait times we have checked, and the character meet-and-greet times we have confirmed, that app is like our holy grail. And recently, the My Disney Experience app just CHANGED! 

OK, so the map feature on the My Disney Experience app is SUPER helpful. It shows you every possible thing you could need, including all the closest water bottle refill stations and bathrooms no matter where you are in Disney World.


You can also find out where to charge your phone straight from the My Disney Experience app. If you’re ever curious about something — whether it’s a character meet-and-greet, ride, restaurant, or shop, just tap the search icon at the bottom! You’d be amazed by all the hidden features in the app.


But recently, the app was updated to reflect an exciting change! Do you see what we see? The Tiana’s Bayou Adventure ride is listed — with its brand-new opening date!


You can see the loooong queue behind the ride (don’t forget — this new ride will open with a virtual queue), along with some of those log-shaped ride vehicles just WAITING for people to hop inside. The good news is that we’ve spotted some Disney Imagineers onboard the log boats, so we can, in fact, confirm that they float. That’s a relief, considering Tiana’s Bayou Adventure ride previews begin SOON!

Imagineers testing Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Oh, and if you have the Disneyland app, look carefully at the digital map! There are all kinds of fun secret on the map.

WAIT. We Just Found Some AMAZING Tiny Details HIDING in Disney’s Park Map!

Stay tuned for more Tiana’s Bayou Adventure updates! In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more.

Learn ALL about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure HERE!



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What is your favorite My Disney Experience app feature? Let us know in the comments!

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