Seven Knights Idle Adventure Drops Two New Ranged-Type Heroes In Latest Update

By admin May16,2024

In the latest update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure, two new heroes have joined the playable Legendary heroes roster. There are also new challenges and new stages. Plus, The King Of Fighters ’98 collab is still going strong till May 29th, so it’s like everything, everyone all at once.

Stun A Bunch Of Baddies!

Vanessa and Giparang are the two new heroes in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. Both of them are ranged-type heroes. Vanessa brings the heat with her Sand Storm skill, causing damage over time and slowing down enemies. She also has a nifty buff that boosts critical hit rates for the whole squad.

Giparang deals massive damage and buffs up his weakness attack rate. He gets a second chance with a revival skill, making him too tough. He also comes with some crowd control with stun debuffs. You can snag Giparang through the Challenger Pass until May 29th.

The Blacksmith’s Challenge is a new mini-game where your weapon’s fate hangs in the balance. Will it get a power-up, stay the same or bite the dust? Play to earn free Seven Knights Idle Adventure Event Shop currency. You can spend these on Legendary Hero Summon Tickets, Dish Baskets and Pet Summon Tickets.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is also rolling out fresh content like stages 15,201 to 16,000 and a new Hero Equipment system. Now, your heroes can unlock extra gear stats, and you can snag their exclusive equipment from Sealed Equipment Chests in the Equipment Dungeon.

Meanwhile, the multiple events of The King Of Fighters ’98 collab are going on till May 29th. Just to brush you up, you can snag some killer collab heroes like Mai Shiranui And Kyo Kusanagi. So, go ahead and get your hands on the game from the Google Play Store.

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