PlayStation has shipped 5x more consoles than Xbox last quarter – WGB

By admin May16,2024

According to a reliable analyst, Sony managed to ship 5x more PS5s than Microsoft managed to ship Xbox Series S/X consoles last quarter.

Daniel Ahmad, Director of Research and Insights at Niko Partners, tweeted to say this his firm’s estimates are that the the PS5 is beating Xbox Series S/X by a ration of 5:1 for the last quarter.

During its latest financial report, PlayStation revealed that it had managed to ship 4.5m consoles in the last quarter, bringing the total PS5 consoles shipped to 59.3m.

As for Microsoft, they stopped reporting console sales years, presumably because they weren’t impressive. But they did recently say that hardware revenue had dropped 31% during the last quarter.

Later, Daniel would add more context, saying that the 5:1 ratio was for the last quarter only and that lifetime sales are closer to a 2:1 ration in favour of PS5.

Since we know the PS5 has shipped nearly 60m units, that means we can get a very rough estimate of 30m for Xbox Series S and X.

The Xbox One managed to sell an estimated 58 million in its lifetime, but we don’t have much solid data to go by as Microsoft stopped announcing console numbers a year or two after the Xbox One launched.

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