How To Get Armament Haki Demon Piece Guide

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This How To Get Armament Haki Demon Piece guide does exactly what it says on the tin! If you want to learn the hardening technique mastered by many in One Piece, my guide tells you what this Haki is, where to get it and what it does.

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How To Get Armament Haki Demon Piece Guide

Currently in Demon Piece are Ken Haki and Armament Haki. Armament Haki is known for its brute properties capable of hugely buffing a user’s damage. It’s important to source this technique as Logia Fruit eaters cannot be hit without Armament Haki.

To get Armament Haki, head to the Jungle Island (levels 60-100). Locate the stony cliffs on the outskirts of the island and search for a discoloured square along a platform of the cliffs. This discoloured stone is intentional and is an invisible wall! Behind the wall, you’ll meet the Haki Trainer NPC, Alphirex.

Alphirex gives you a quest before offering you Armament Haki which is to find a lost Scroll. This Scroll has a chance to spawn in multiple locations across the various islands. Lucky for you, we covered the Scroll locations in our Demon Piece Scroll Locations Guide. Nifty!

On quest completion, you gain your Haki. This Haki has a chance to be various colours when in use which are:

  • Rainbow – 10%
  • Red – 15%
  • Yellow – 15%
  • Green – 15%
  • Cyan – 15%
  • Magenta – 15%
  • Blue – 15%

Armament Haki Upgrades

On top of being able to go toe to toe with Logia fruit users, Armament Haki users enjoy upgrade paths. As you use your Haki, you will level it up, amplifying its strength.

  • Level 1 – +5% Damage increase
  • Level 2 – +10% Damage increase
  • Level 3 – +15% Damage increase
  • Level 4 – +25% Damage increase
  • Level 5 – +35% Damage increase

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