Helldivers 2 players rally around an unlikely hero who just wanted to make friends

By admin May16,2024

When they’re not banding together to take on Sony or attempting to reinstate fired community managers, it turns out that Helldivers 2 players just want to make sure everyone feels included. Included in the co-op game’s endless war of attrition to protect Super Earth from bugs, robots, and basic awareness of military propaganda, and included in just having mates. Enter player ‘dremskiy’, whose tragic booting from a private game in which they just wanted to make friends has resulted in so many friend requests that their Steam account won’t accept any more.

This is a story best introduced through the Reddit post that originally chronicled it, so here’s the inciting incident:

Whether through comedic timing or just an earnest desire to buddy up, the post struck a chord with fellow ‘divers, who bestowed upon dremskiy the monkey’s paw previously reserved for the likes of Keanu Reeves or Elden Ring’s Let Me Solo Her – temporary Reddit deification. Soon, dreamskiy had so many friend requests that Steam got jealous and put a halt to them.

If this is all a bit too UWU wholesome for your tastes, then never fear. There is a sardonic lining to this candyfloss cloud, you fonts of perpetual misery. It didn’t take long for the official Helldivers 2 Xitter account to get in on the meme. We love a terminally online brand rep. However, when Playstation UK’s account tried to join in the fun, they were soon heartily ratio’d, as is the custom of our times.

This might have something to do with the fact that, despite earlier promises, Sony have started quietly locking out certain countries without PSN account access from playing the game they’ve already purchased on Steam. This Helldivers 2 news account has a handy map of affected locations, including the majority of Africa. My sources tell me this is some bullshit, a take I have corroborated with myself. Let’s hope a better solution is found sharpish, before players start teaming up to change international laws or something.

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