‘PPSSPP’ PSP Emulator Now Available on iOS – TouchArcade

By admin May15,2024

I can’t believe it happened, but PPSSPP is now on the App Store. The announcement post mentions how this has taken nearly 12 years, and after Apple relaxed its policies for emulation, we finally have the most popular PSP emulator now on iOS. There are a few things to keep in mind though with the limitations in the launch build. Vulkan support through MoltenVK isn’t enabled right now. Magic Keyboard on iPad is also not currently supported. JIT recompiler isn’t supported yet either, and the final bit of bad news is RetorAchievement support has been temporarily disabled. I’m not sure what games will be affected most by the lack of JIT, but this is still huge progress for emulation on iOS.

The official announcement mentions how MoltenVK will be re-enabled and even native Metal support might be considered. JIT compiler will not happen until Apple changes its own rules. The Magic Keyboard for iPad will be supported at some point through another method with RetroAchievements arriving with a better login in the future. If you’d like to get PPSSPP, you can grab it free on the App Store for iOS here. A paid GOLD version to support development (assuming it is the same as the Android version) should go up here. What are you going to play first on the emulator if you grab it today and what would you like to see added to it in the future?

By admin

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