One of Our Favorite Treat Spots Has Gone MISSING In Disney’s Hollywood Studios! 😱

By admin May15,2024

It’s no secret we’re BIG fans of the food in all the parks at Disney World.

Hollywood Studios

But Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some delicious snacks that we particularly care to enjoy. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has delicious ronto wraps, Toy Story Land has fun “totchos” and pop tarts, plus so much more. But there is one snack cart that we’ve been worried about for a while now, and clearly, we had good reason to be!

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For the past month or so now, we’ve noticed that the Grand Avenue Snack Cart was closed every time we visited it. This snack cart is located on Grand Avenue (hence its name) near the new Ice Cold Hydraulics stand and the walkway to MuppetVision 3D. Don’t worry, we’ve included a beautiful drawing of its precise location!

©Disney (drawing by us)

But sadly, we have seen it all covered up like in the picture below for a while now.

It’s been closed for a while now

When we were back in the park the other day, we found that the snack stand was completely GONE! Disney removed the snack stand, but the umbrella that is normally with it was still there.

It’s GONE!

Disney didn’t give any indication of what has befallen this snack stand, and we’re certainly worried about its condition. It could be getting an upgrade or perhaps taken to never return again. We love our snacks, so one less place to grab them is unfortunate. It’s more than likely that it will return, but we’ll be keeping our eyes out for it! If you’re in the neighborhood and in need of a snack, then consider hopping over to Ice Cold Hydraulics for some Coca-Cola-flavored treats.

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