Anime Fantasy Best Team – With Reasons!

By admin May15,2024

My Anime Fantasy Best Team Guide keeps up to date through the updates to make sure you always know the best units to enlist into your team and why! Make sure you never miss out on changes to the best team by bookmarking this page and checking back.

The Best Team is also ranked on base stats alone before upgrades, traits, evolutions and more. With this team selection and the fitting upgrades, you can truly be the strongest player!

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Anime Fantasy Best Team

Okay, onto the Best Team! Remember this is the Best Team choice at their absolute BASE stats. This guide does not account for Trait, Evolution, Max Level etc. Though naturally, all the units shared only get better with those buffs.

Fire Fist (Mythical Unit)

I may have a touch of Ace bias as a huge One Piece fan, but also this unit is just insane. After placement, he has huge attack power which is only amplified if you manage to source the materials needed to Evolve him. On top of all of this, he deals burn to opponents for that extra tick damage.

God of Sky (Mythical Unit)

I promise Enel is here for more than just being another One Piece character. It’s not my fault the DEVs made all the OP characters, well, OP. Similar to Fire Fist, God of Sky deals insane damage before upgrades and can really excel on the map if you source the materials for evolution. His primary attacks consist of circle AoE which is great for high-traffic areas of the map to snare enemies.

Speed CEO (Mythical Unit)

Finally, a break from the One Piece characters! Speed CEO is the perfect farming unit and is critical to a successful team. Having such powerful units is costly and wave rewards aren’t enough to keep up so enlisting a goldmine is key. Speed CEO is currently the best farm unit in the game, generating the most cash per wave.

Shadow Monarch (Secret Unit)

Except, it’s no secret that Sung Jinwoo is probably the best unit in the game currently. He is a Ground, Physical, Shadow unit who also has an evolutionary path which only amplifies this already busted attacker.

Rengonut (Mythical Unit)

Rengonut is similar to Ace in that he is a strong attacker with versatile moves and deals burn. Currently, Ace and Rengoku are the only two units to inflict a burn, so they’re definitely worth enlisting into your team.

Mei (Secret Unit)

And finally, Mei! If a secret unit wasn’t to make the list then that’s rather embarrassing for them since these units are meant to be the hardest to obtain. Luckily for Mei, she pulls through as the final candidate for a team build in Anime Fantasy.

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