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By admin May14,2024

A trademark filed in January has surfaced that strongly hints toward a new Doom game.

The trademark, which was filed in the US by Bethesda parent company Zenimax, is simply for something called IDKFA. While that might sound like nonsense, it’s actually a classic Doom cheat code that grants all keys, all weapons and full ammo.

This little tidbit ties in nicely with the recent tease from Tom Warren of The Verge. In an article about the ongoing chaos behind the scenes at Microsoft, he said ““Microsoft will be banking on some new game announcements lifting the Doom around Xbox.”

Microsoft and Xbox will be hosting their summer showcase in June, so understandably the speculation is that id Software will reveal a new Doom game there to follow up on their hugely successful Doom Eternal.

However, without spoiling anything, the ending of the Ancient Gods DLC did seem to wrap up the Doomguy’s story. Perhaps a new Doom game might go in a slightly different direction. id Software’s Hugo Martin, who directed Doom Eternal, did talk about an idea for a Doomgirl. He brought up the idea on a Twitch stream while playing Doom Eternal, saying that he had actually put a lot of thought into it, adding that he wouldn’t want her to just be a reskin of the current Doom Slayer.

Martin also discussed the idea of her being more of a medieval slayer.

There are plenty of directions a new Doom game could go, and so far id Software have put out two absolute bangers, so they have my utmost confidence.

Microsoft and Xbox could certainly do with the good publicity right now. Speaking of which, why not go read my article on whether Microsoft’s recent actions could be bad news for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

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