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Putting off joining one of the Anime Fantasy raids? They’re pretty tough! However, the difficulty comes with great rewards. With some items dropping randomly, you may find that you have to partake in a raid quite a few times.

The Anime Fantasy Roblox page posts about the latest updates as they come and go. Don’t forget to check out our Anime Fantasy Evolutions and Anime Fantasy Portals guides too!

Anime Fantasy Raids

Before you head into a raid, make sure your team is fully assembled and upgraded!

What are Raids?

Like in other games, raids are a game mode that pits you against waves of enemies. Beating a raid rewards you with a plethora of items, with some being extremely rare. Most raid drops have a small chance of appearing, whereas others are guaranteed.

Some raids offer unique rewards, but most have a universal pool of items and resources to obtain. For example, Stat Upgrade Cubes, Stat Reset Cubes, and Reroll Shards can appear after defeating a raid in any world. To learn more about the Anime Fantasy Stat Upgrade Cube item, have a read of our other guide!

Current Raids

There are 4 worlds that contain raids at the moment in Anime Fantasy. Each raid has numerous acts, but as the game is fairly new, there’s only 1 act per world for now.

  • Marine Town
    • Exclusive reward: Fire Fruit (used to evolve the Fire Fist unit) – has a 1% chance on Normal and a 5% chance on Nightmare)
    • Acts:
      • Magma Admiral (Normal and Nightmare mode)
  • Infinite Train
    • Exclusive reward: Blazing Donut (has a 1% chance on Normal and a 5% chance on Nightmare)
    • Acts:
      • Six Moon Demon (Normal and Nightmare mode)
  • Shidobi Forest
    • Exclusive reward: Kusen Sword (used to evolve the Sasuke unit) – has a 1% chance on Normal and a 5% chance on Nightmare
    • Acts:
      • Destiny Meeting (Normal and Nightmare mode)
  • Silent Town
    • Acts:
      • Silent is Answer (Nightmare mode only)

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