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Confused about the Type Soul Arrancar progression? I was the same until it eventually clicked! That’s where this guide comes in, to help you guys out.

Play the Bleach-inspired game now via the Roblox page! While you’re here, have a read of our Type Soul Ink Bankai guide too.

Type Soul Arrancar Progression

There are a few steps to take before you can become a somewhat powerful Arrancar. You can actually remove your mask whenever you want, as long as you’re not a Fishbone, but it’s best to refrain from that until you reach the evolved forms. Becoming an Arrancar takes you to Grade 5, which is then followed by increasing your rank to Semi Grade 1, and then to Elite Grade.


If you wish to become a Menoscar Arrancar, you need to remove the mask from your character once you become a Menos. You can transform into a Menos by eating the corpse of an NPC Menos that you see wandering around the map. The best way to check if it’s a player Menos or not is to take note of how they move.


Like with the Menoscar Arrancar, you can become an Adjucar Arrancar by taking your mask off as an Adjuchas. The Adjuchas form is the next after Menos. So, if you want to be an Adjucar Arrancar, follow on from here!

As a Menos, head out to find more NPC Menos giants. You need to have the Menos Cero move ready on your hotbar as you defeat the Menos, which is found in the Kido section of your skill menu. My best advice is to find the Menos Forest, which is located underground after you fall through a crack past the Colosseum.


You’re probably used to the process by now, but I’ll go over it anyway. To turn into a Vastocar Arrancar, you need to become a Vasto Lorde first. This carries on from when you evolve into an Adjuchas! You must battle against NPC Adjuchas to earn Mask Cracks, which you need 25 of. Most NPCs will drop 2 Mask Cracks, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Lines pointing to a location will appear once you obtain 25 Mask Cracks, which lead you to the Vasto Lorde boss. Kill the boss, eat his corpse, and become a Vasto Lorde! You can stop there, but if you want to be a Vastocar, you’ll need to take off your mask. And then, you’re a Vastoacar Arrancar!

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