Sol’s RNG Undead Guide – How To Get The Spooky Aura

By admin May13,2024
Feature image for our Sol's RNG Undead guide. It shows the magma pit in the middle of the map, a view looking down into it.

Seen the big floating crucifix and want to get in on that? You’re in the right place. I’ve put together a Sol’s RNG Undead guide to talk a little about the aura, how to get it, and what will increase your chances.

Sol’s RNG is a Roblox game that really throws you into the thrill of the roll… without the pain of having to part with Robux to roll again. Hit the button to try for a different aura. There are tons to collect, all with different rarities and visual effects. The rarer the aura, the bigger the flex.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Sol’s RNG! If you’re out to keep rolling then take a look at our Sol’s RNG codes guide.

Sol’s RNG Undead Guide

About Undead

Undead is a distinctive-looking Aura easily recognized by the large green cross hovering behind the user. A green and black portal swirls around their feet, and from that portal green chains reach up and grip onto the player. Gnarly.

There’s a rare variant called Undead: Devil, which instead gives the user a floating animation, with bat-like wings and demonic horns.

How To Get Undead

Undead is a Normal Aura is available through ordinary rolling, with a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning it on any individual roll, regardless of the time of day.

There are ways to bring the odds up a little by improving your Luck multiplier. These include the following.

  • Complete the short platform section to the green light on the floating island for a 60-second Luck boost.
  • Luck-boosting equipment created via the crafting system. The items that boost your Luck are: (In order of ease to craft.)
    • Luck Glove
    • Solar Device
    • Eclipse Device
    • Exo Gauntlet
  • Luck Potions, which you can find lying on the ground around the area.

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