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There’s a great selection of Anime Crossover Codes readily available for you! From free gems to free Crystal Helixes, there are plenty of surprises up for grabs with the simple click of a button.

The Anime Crossover Defense Roblox page takes you straight into the main lobby to redeem your codes right now! Noticed the mysterious Crystals that you can collect for your units? Read our Anime Crossover Defense Crystals guide to find out more. Collected plenty of units for your team so far? Don’t forget to check out our Anime Crossover Defense Tier List to help you assemble the strongest team around.

Anime Crossover Codes

If you’re in need of some extra Crystal Helixes or Gems, make sure to redeem these codes quickly before they expire! There’s no set date for codes to expire, so try to redeem them the next time you log into the game.

Active Codes

Some codes may even grant you additional rewards, such as consumables (Cupcakes, Ramen, Sushi Rolls, etc), or Legendary Rift Orbs! The possibilities are endless when it comes to redeeming codes on Roblox.

  • 1mvisits
  • 10k
  • Release
    • 1K Gems
    • 90 Star Shards
    • 5 Crystal Helix
  • VALK
  • 15k
  • sebbyastian
  • KingLuffy
  • StarCodeVanilla
  • Mozking
  • Fish
    • 90 Star Shards
    • 1 Ramen
    • 1 Cupcake
    • 200 Gems
    • 5 Crystal Helix
    • 1 Legendary Rift Orb
    • 2 Sushi Roll

How to Redeem Anime Crossover Codes

Enter Anime Crossover Defense via the Roblox launcher and head to the Codes NPC once you load into the game. This NPC is found standing by some stairs with a bright green sparkling circle in front of them. Plus, the NPC is Naruto, so he’s not hard to miss!

Type in, or copy and paste, any of the codes above and click the ‘Redeem Code’ button below the text box.  ‘Code successfully redeemed’ will pop up across your screen if the code is still active, and the free rewards will be instantly given to you!

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