You now have no excuse to not play Arkane Austin’s Prey – you can grab it and two other bangers for a fiver

By admin May12,2024

“I like the look of Prey but I haven’t picked it up yet,” sounds the lament of the perma-wastrel, content to watch life’s most precious resource tick away then dissolve into the ether, never to return. “Looks good but it’s still 25 quid on Steam” sounds the cry of the fool unaware that all their possessions are but substanceless adornments to a life hollow for not having played, arguably, the only good video game ever made. “I didn’t like Prey anyway,” blowfish-ly puffs the deeply incorrect naysayer, unaware that they will never be invited to any of my birthday parties. Well, no excuses now*. Fanatical are doing a thing where you can buy FPS imsim Prey and two others from a respectable selection for a fiver.

Ok, so, Prey’s great. We’ve already covered that, although it’s rough that I ended up writing about it under such awful circumstances as Arkane Austin and Tango’s closure at the greasy hands of Xbox. Prey is, despite my previous verbatim assertion not a paragraph ago, not the only good videogame ever made however. Here’s a few others you could add to the bundle:

There’s a few more good’uns on the page, but there you have it. Prey, and some others, for less than the price of three of those partly-drunk lattes Edwin famously loves to solicit from strangers at Hyde Park (Bayswater entrance, 5pm Thursdays.) If your ravenous appetite for sweet deals is never sated, Paradox are also doing a free Crusader Kings 3 weekend over at Steam. You could even make a kingdom where artists are duly recompensed and cherished instead of being shed like dead skin to appease loathsome lizard creatures! Imagine it!

* A fiver is still a lot of money. I’m being facetious.

By admin

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