Orpheus may be missing from Hades 2 but he’s returning to role-playing musical Stray Gods

By admin May12,2024

Role-playing musical Stray Gods is getting DLC in which you’ll play as sorrowful ghostly rocker Orpheus, the developers have announced. You briefly meet Orpheus in the base game while playing as leatherclad muse Grace, finding him moping in the underworld, eyes dripping with glam rock mascara. In the DLC he makes a musical comeback on earth, alongside messenger god Hermes. I’ve not stumbled on Orpheus in the other mythical game of this season, Hades 2 (he showed up in the first Hades but there’s no sign he’s reappearing in the sequel). So it looks like fans of the ancient Greek sadboi will have to flock to Summerfall’s expansion when it comes out this summer.

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Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp will reprise his role as Orpheus in the DLC, which features six new songs to harmonise your way through. If you haven’t played it, the multiple-choice decision-making in Stray Gods sees the player selecting the lyrical approach even as singers holler their hearts out. You end up mixing and matching musical styles while you rock out or rap battle your way through discussions. It’s pretty neat. Here you will “once again enjoy hours of interactive music as Hermes (Erika Ishii) guides Orpheus through the depths of mortal decision making,” say creators Summerfall Studios. It’s due out on June 27th.

The DLC will also feature songwriting help from Australian singer pals Tom Cardy and Montaigne, who you might know from their roles as funny internet people. I approve. Tom Cardy understands the nutritious benefits of a big breakfast to such an extent that I have bought my brother the viral performer’s vinyl as a gift. I judge this meeting of video games and internet comedy as truly blessed.

As for ancient figure Orpheus, he has appeared in a few works by a few small-time writers like Virgil and Aristotle. But you will know him after he reached proper fame in the first Hades video game, accompanying Eurydice in singing one of our 10 best songs in PC games. His depiction in Stray Gods may have some competition in this regard but I did enjoy the musical role-playing game quite a bit when I leisurely multiple-choiced my way through it last year. Our contributer Jon Bailes felt the same way in his Stray Gods review, calling it “a beautifully choreographed work”.

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