What are we all playing this weekend?

By admin May11,2024

One or more of you raised suspicions a couple weeks back that I was a stone-cold liar. I told you that I was going to hide a smiley face inside every Playing This Weekend header image, and here’s the proof! Naysayers, the lot of you! You may redeem yourselves by finding today’s one above. And once you’ve done that, have a scroll below and tell us what you’ll be getting up to this weekend, eh? Here’s what we’ll be clicking on.

Alice Bee
is on hols!

Hades 2. I like it because it’s like the first one, but better. I like the spells. I like the way it tricks me into thinking I’ll only play for a bit, but then I play for hours without realising. Hades 2, I will be playing the second Hades. The sequel to the first.

This weekend there shall be minimal gaming, for it is the hour of the long-prophesied Flat Move, but I might dip back into Animal Well and see if I can solve any of the post-credits puzzles.

A new Fall Guys update dropped this week which changes the physics of jumping and ragdolling, making the bean battle royale substantially less frustrating. Or at least, I think that’s what it’s done – I need to play it more this weekend and see whether I pummel my keyboard into dust. After that, I’m hoping to find some time for Animal Well.

is away!

I’m in an old school adventure game mood for this weekend. I rely on this genre (which I grew up with) to calm me down after periods of stress, and since I’ve got the 2015 version of King’s Quest on my plate for July’s Game Club, I might fire up some of the old titles on GOG (or the excellent fan remakes by AGD Interactive) to partake in some healthy nostalgia. I also need to prepare myself for this week’s impending release of An English Haunting, an upcoming indie Victorian-era horror adventure which I’ve been looking forward to for a while.

This weekend I’ll be smashing my way through more Hades 2. I haven’t beaten the final boss yet. I’ve been too busy messing around in the crossroads, romancing everyone and recruiting as many animal familiars as I can. I absolutely love the witchy aesthetic of Hades 2 and the gameplay loop is infinitely satisfying. It could very well be a game-of-the-year contender for me.

I’m afraid I have no time for games this week. Super Earth needs me, and democracy is not a game. Was that a good Helldivers 2 thing to say? I only just got really into it this week, so I feel like a bit of a charlatan pretending to be part of the club. Enjoying myself massively, though. Only 15 more levels ’till I get that mech, after which I imagine my enthusiasm might die down a bit. I know there’s a lot more to see, but something about bringing a mech to a bug fight feels hard to top.

Hey, I live in Scotland with my best friend now. Pretty cool. We both love soulslikes, although I have some gaps in my FromSoft CV, so we’re planning on playing through pretty much all of them starting with Demon’s Souls. I say we; I’ll be playing them, and he’ll be watching at my shoulder, steadfastly taking the piss everytime I die. Drinks will no doubt be involved. Should be a good time.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

By admin

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