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Wondering who the Anime Fantasy Secret Mie is and how to get her? Our guide is here to answer your questions! We’re here to explain who exactly the Anime Fantasy Secret Mie is, and the best way to get her, as well as some other facts and trivia about her!

To find out more about the game, or to play for yourself, you can visit the Anime Fantasy Roblox page. If you’re already playing Anime Fantasy, you can check out our other posts! Such as our Anime Fantasy Evolutions Guide and our Anime Fantasy Units post!

Who Is Mie?

Mie is a Secret rarity unit from Anime Fantasy. She is one of only two with this status, sharing the top spot with the Shadow Monarch unit. (But this isn’t about him).

How To Get Secret Mie

The chances of getting Mie are very low, as she’s a Secret rarity unit. However, in order to try and get her, head to the  ‘Event’ section of the game and open the HeavenGift. The HeavenGift costs 15 Enemy Souls to participate in and is the only place where Mie is available.

To earn more Enemy Soul, you have to complete different dungeons. I’d recommend completing them until you have enough Enemy Soul to buy multiple HeavenGift’s, as the chances of getting Mie are low – so you will probably have to try quite a few times!

What Is The Best Trait To Apply To Mie?

The best trait for Mie are the Mythic Traits, as they will enhance her power and do some great damage. The Aurora trait is one of the best Mythic Traits to use, as it has a +10% Attack Cooldown, +10% Damage To Bosses, +20% Range, and +200% Attack.

However, the Xenith Trait is by far the best if you can get your hands on it. It has a +10% Range,  -5% Attack Cooldown, and a +420% Attack. The Xenith Trait paired with Mie will do enormous damage, and make her even more powerful than she already is.

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