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By admin May10,2024

On May 6 the absurdly talented team at Supergiant surprised us all by releasing Hades 2 into Early Access following its hugely successful closed technical test. Since then, Hades 2 has managed a peak player count over 103, 567 players on Steam and received an “Overwhelmingly Positive” review rating on Steam.

However, there was another roguelike game due to launch this month and Hades 2 has kind of fucked up its plans.

Evil Empire’s The Rogue Prince of Persia was due to come out in just 4 days on May 14. But the team has made the decision to delay the game.


“So its been a bit of a crazy week for us! It all started when a little game called Hades 2 released – you might have heard of it?” writes Evil Empire on X.

“Seeing as everyone and their mum is playing that game (including our entire team…and their mums) we have decided to let people have their fun with it before we release The Rogue Prince of Persia.

“While we have every confidence in The Rogue Prince of Persia, it’s not every day that a game in the same genre as you, which os one of the most anticipated upcoming releases of 2024, will release into Early Access a week before you plan to do the same. We are not prideful enough to ignore the implications of that, and we truly believe that this short delay is the best decision for us and our Early Access journey.”

It’s honestly a refreshingly honest statement and a smart business decision. The tongue-in-cheek tone and the admission that Hades 2 is a huge deal both present Evil Empire in a good light, while also letting their own game breath a little.

So when will they release? Well, perhaps a tad surprisingly, they still intend on coming out this month and will announced a more precise date on Monday, May 13.

The Rogue Prince of Persia is exactly what it sounds like: a roguelike take on Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia IP from Evil Empire, a team that was originally created to handle the ongoing support of Dead Cells, itself a widely beloved roguelike.

Of course, we also had a Prince of Persia game earlier this year which was pretty awesome.

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