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By admin May10,2024
Feature image for our Anime Fortress codes guide. It shows a draw of the Mythic unit, Strongest Sorcerer, resembling Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Want to get your hands on more summons in Anime Fortress? Well, you’re going to need Gems. Want Gems easily? Anime Fortress codes are the best way to fill up your Gem stash without working too hard. We’ve found all the active codes, got the redemption process, and we’ve even included a few other tips for extra gems.

Anime Fortress is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got Rogue Ninja codes guide.

Anime Fortress Codes Guide

First, we’ll talk about the working codes, then how to redeem them, and then we’ll discuss a few other ways to earn rewards.

Working Codes

Here are the codes we’ve confirmed as working at the time of writing. We’ve also included the rewards we got from entering them, too.

  • FIXBUGUPDATE – 300 Gems
  • NEWGAME – 600 Gems

Codes often expire quite quickly, so it’s best to use them as soon as you can. We’ll try and add new codes while removing old ones as we update the guide.

How To Redeem Anime Fortress Codes

  • Open up Anime Fortress.
  • Once you’ve loaded into the lobby, hit the Shop icon on the right of the screen.
  • In the shop window, open the Codes tab, the right-most tab in red.
  • Enter codes into the text box.
  • Hit the green button marked ‘Claim!’

Other Ways To Get Free Rewards

Run through all the codes? There are other ways to net free gems. Read on to find a few other methods we’ve found.

  • Daily Rewards – Log on each day and hit ‘Claim’ in the Daily Rewards window to get Gems and Magic Stones. The top reward, after seven days, is 2,000 Gems.
  • Free Gift – The Free Gift button on the top right corner is another way to get Gems. The game rewards you with free ones in exchange for inviting friends to the game. If you don’t want to spam your Roblox buddies, you can always agree with them beforehand that you’re going to do it.
  • BestBunny Group – You can like the game and join the BestBunny Roblox group for a one-time reward of 3,000 Gems. You can always leave the group afterwards!

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