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By admin May9,2024

Wondering how the Solo Leveling Arise Special Summon banner works? It’s not clear when first opening the window, and it’s certainly not F2P-friendly!

Want to try the game out on PC? Visit the Solo Leveling Arise website to find the download link! We have a Solo Leveling Arise Codes guide, a Solo Leveling Arise Weapon Tier List for the best weapons in combat, and a Solo Leveling Arise Reroll guide for new players.

What is the Solo Leveling Arise Special Summon Feature?

To start, I do need to mention that the Special Summon feature requires you to spend real money. There’s absolutely no way around it, which does suck, especially for those who prefer to remain F2P (free to play).

How Do Special Summons Work?

If you’ve come across the Special Summons window and are not quite sure what it means, you’re not the only one! A lot of players don’t know how these summons work as the instructions aren’t clear. Firstly, you have 15 chances to pull 10 characters or weapons – or 30 chances if you purchase the Hunters Association Premium Subscription Ticket.

The characters and weapons that you pull during these chances appear in a pool that you can select from once you have no chances left. Keep in mind that each square in the final table includes all draws, so don’t worry about any ‘missing’ characters/weapons. Choose the draw you want to be taken to the next screen, where you then click the ‘Guaranteed Draw’ button.

This then prompts the purchase of a Special Summons Ticket, which costs around $30, or a membership at around $10 per month. The membership gives you a free Special Summons ticket every month. The Special Summon feature is available multiple times, but you do need a Special Summons Ticket for each guaranteed draw. After you select the draw you want to keep, you have a cooldown until you can pull for the next!

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