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By admin May9,2024

This Rogue Ninja Tier List ranks all the character options from best to worst so you know which to spend your hard-earned Gold on to keep getting those elims.

Choosing your character is critical to getting those precious eliminations and Gold. Gold earned from combat earns you more characters and new cosmetics, so don’t make the mistake of picking a MID Ninja to play as. With these rankings, you can ensure you’re always playing as the best option no matter how many Ninjas get added to the game!

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Rogue Ninja Tier List (May 2024)

Let’s get into the rankings!


The best of the best! Whether these Ninjas are stunting their base moves, ultimate or specials they’re incredibly strong and versatile in combat.

  • Shark Ninja – THE OP ONE! This Ninja has great movement on land and through the water and hosts so, so many perks. On top of lethal specials and ultimates, this character can steal Chakra from opponents using the sword which is given to a player when they spawn under this lineage. Of course, that stolen Charka then gets added to your bar.


Good, just not my favourite. These Ninjas host huge capabilities and can hold their own. If you’ve purchased one of these Ninjas you can still comfortably play as them and win.

  • Noodle Ninja – Despite being the default, this ninja is great for combat. It offers both close-range and long-rage special moves on top of a dangerous finisher move.


Average Ninjas. These guys offer some niche uses between their movesets. There are better options out there, but there are certainly worse too.

  • Sand Ninja – This one is unique and nothing out of the ordinary, but not ideal for every player. The skills have no variance so this needs to be considered and adjusted to if you choose to play as the Sand Ninja.


Weak, but not the worst. These Ninjas don’t shine well in battle so I wouldn’t personally recommend them, but each to their own.

  • Ghost Ninja – What can I say? I’m just not the biggest fan of this lineage. This character enjoys a skeletal-ghostly hand grip special move and a fireball, neither of which seem all that threatening. Maybe if the fireball did lingering burn then this choice would move up a tier or two.


I would not recommend choosing these mid-jas as your playable character. Their overall battle performance and special moves aren’t as special as they think.

  • There are currently no D-tier Ninjas. At least all your options are better than the absolute worst!

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