Netflix and Roblox Reveal Netflix Nextworld Digital Theme Park Within Roblox Expanding the World of Films and Series – TouchArcade

By admin May9,2024

Usually, a Netflix gaming announcement involves an indie or multi-platform release being added to the service, or something relating to a studio now under Netflix. Today, Netflix and Roblox (Free) have announced the launch of Netflix Nextworld within Roblox. This will feature activations from One Piece, Stranger Things, Rebel Moon, and will be getting Jurassic World: Chaos Theory as well. The aim for Netflix Nextworld is to expand the worlds of the films and series fans love from Netflix. This includes 3D interactive spaces to explore movies and shows. This digital theme park will have easter eggs and games based on those properties and more. Watch the Netflix Nextworld launch trailer below:

Netflix also says that you will be able to collect objects and wearables from different shows and movies to decorate your Fan Pod, your private space that you can open up to friends. Netflix Nextworld will also let you attend premieres and viewing parties when available including Tudum Theater daily content. The Jurassic World: Chaos Theory event begins next week on May 17th with the others available today in Netflix Nextworld’s early access launch within Roblox. Roblox is available on iOS, Android, consoles, and PC platforms. For some reason I thought something like this would be happening in Fortnite, but I guess that would make the mobile aspect harder. What are your thoughts on Netflix Nextworld in Roblox?

By admin

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