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By admin May9,2024

Trying to join the Type Soul AFK World but can’t find an open server? There’s a reason for that, and we’ve got the solution!

Ready to go AFK? Head to the official Type Soul Roblox page to join a world! Looking for a way to reset your character? Have a look at our How to Wipe in Type Soul guide.

What is the Type Soul AFK World?

The AFK World in Type Soul is a game mode that rewards you for being away from your keyboard. Although, you actually get more rewards by taking part in PvP battles within the AFK World, which kind of defeats the point.

There’s a safe zone and a PvP zone. If you don’t want to participate in battles when in the AFK World, you can stay in the safe zone for as long as you want. You could always do a bit of PvP intermittently to increase your chances of higher rarity rewards. If you’re defeated, you respawn back into the AFK World, so don’t worry about being kicked out. Just make sure to keep checking the server in case you’re randomly disconnected due to network issues.

How to Join an AFK World

You can’t just hope into an AFK World, unfortunately. You must have at least one World Ticket to unlock an AFK World server. To get a World Ticket, you need to buy it from the game’s Dev Shop column with real money.

A singular World Ticket costs 1K Robux, which is a steep price for what it is. Alternatively, you have a chance of obtaining a World Ticket via boss raids. But, with these tickets being of Mythical rarity, it’s highly unlikely. To learn more about the World Ticket, check out our Type Soul World Ticket guide!

Once you have a World Ticket, you can open up an AFK World. Keep in mind that the AFK World is only available for 24 hours in total, so you either need to open it up early in the morning or leave your game running all night. I don’t recommend the latter option!

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