Dragon Age: Dreadwolf set to arrive by next March, according to report

By admin May9,2024

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the next entry in the series of beloved dating sims with rpgs crudely affixed with Blu Tack to their walls, is set to arrive by the end of March next year. That’s according to an updated product slate released as part of a recent quarterly earnings report, as spotted by VGC and given the Jeff Grubb seal of approval.

The presentation slide, which you can view below, lists EA’s planned releases in the fiscal year ending 31st March, 2025. Who is this fiscal, and why do they get their own calendar when the rest of us have to make do with Greg classic? Who knows! The slate includes the released Tales Of Kenzera: Zau, a bunch of sports yearlies I’m sorry if you care about but I don’t, and an unnamed ‘partner title’. There’s also two unannounced titles, one of which, according to journalist Jeff Grub, is Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

EA's upcoming FY25 release slate
Image credit: VGC

Last December, we got a vague but tantalising trailer hinting a new villain. If you want to book up on your DA lore, Jeremy Peel had a chat with writer David Gaider on working with game’s romances. Don’t ask my opinion on DA romances. I liked Sera, which is apparently not the correct choice.

Last October, Canada’s first-ever video game industry union – QA staffers at Keyword Studios – were all affected by layoffs while working on the title. This followed around 50 layoffs at Bioware. It could be argued, if one were so inclined, that while some key figures do remain at the studio, a great deal of the institutional talent that earned Bioware their name is now gone. Personally, I think they should do an Obsidian. Sod EA, get the team together, take it to Kickstarter, and make the sort of game that made us all fall in love with Bioware in the first place. Maybe skip the whole ‘getting acquired by Microsoft‘ bit though.

Dreadwolf is due for a proper reveal sometime this summer.

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