We’re Finally Going to Answer the No. 1 Question We Get Asked as Disney Reporters

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I’m a Disney World reporter, and whenever I say that, people have a LOT of questions!

Cinderella Castle

It’s a pretty rare job, and so friends, family members, and strangers are often curious about what it is that I actually do on a workday. Me and my reporter teammates get asked many of the same questions over and over again, so I’m coming clean today! I’m here to answer the most popular questions about my job.

How Often Do You Go to Disney World?

Typically the first question I get asked when I tell people what I do for work is, “How often do you go to Disney World?” The answer will vary slightly between the reporters on our team, but for me personally, it’s usually 2-4 times a week.

Slinky Dog Dash

Like most jobs, we work 5 days a week. Several of us on the reporter team are hybrid reporter/writers, which means that I work from home on the days when I’m not in the parks, writing articles like this one! I also use those work-from-home days to help cover major news on the blog or to write the restaurant reviews that I cover when I’m out in Disney World.

Sometimes I do restaurant reviews!

It’s a nice balance, because being out in the Florida sun for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, can take a toll on your body! Especially when you’re doing 15,000+ steps per day.

Does Disney Pay You?

Another common question I get asked frequently is if Disney pays me or the company to cover news in the parks. And the answer? A resounding NO. Disney Food Blog is not associated with The Walt Disney Company or Walt Disney World, as we’re a third-party site run by fans. We’re not employed by Disney, and they don’t pay us to cover the news in the parks or for any of the other locations.

Expedition Everest

However, sometimes Disney will invite us to media events in the parks or at other locations. During those instances, we will always disclose that information in our articles and social media posts. Even at media events, we’re not required to review our experience positively, and we constantly strive to be as honest as possible (we’ll definitely tell you if something is “bad” or not worth the cost). The vast majority of food we eat, hotels we stay in, tours we review, etc., are paid for by Disney Food Blog.

Hollywood Studios

As for me, I get paid directly by Disney Food Blog. This is a real job like any other career out there, and the company makes money through a variety of methods (yes, like ads on the website and YouTube channel) so that all of us employees can be supported!

Is There Really Enough to Cover in the Parks ALL Day?

Surprisingly, YES! Before I took this job, I didn’t realize just how much Disney World news there was to cover, but it’s honestly shocking. During my park days, I’ll spend an entire 8 hours walking through the parks to search for news.

Tree of Life

These news searches typically include looking for new merchandise in all the gift shops, checking restaurant menus for new items, and searching for updates on the major construction projects around Disney World. In one shift, I typically have time to hit 2 or more locations, which could include any of the theme parks, Disney Springs, or any of the Disney World hotels.


And then sometimes, my day will also be filled with snack reviews, restaurant reviews, or special events! There are plenty of ways that my day could be filled when I go to Disney World, and no two days are ever the exact same.

Does Disney World Ever Lose Its Magic?

As a die-hard Disney World fan, you’re probably expecting me to answer “No!” to this question. However, I’ve got to be honest! Disney World doesn’t really lose it’s magic per se, but if I go several days in a row without any major updates to cover, it can get a smidge mundane.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

When I visit the parks, I’m not having the same experience that a regular visitor has — I’m spending all my time observing and searching. I’m not usually hopping on rides or watching shows, and the job can actually be pretty challenging when there’s a lot to cover in a short amount of time and the pressure is on to get that cupcake photo just right.

Millennium Falcon

It’s a different mindset visiting Disney World for work than it is to visit for a vacation, but even on those work days in the parks, I’m often reminded how magical the place can be. I’ve been witness to many people’s first reactions at seeing Cinderella Castle, plenty of happy hugs when kids meet their favorite character in person, and more Main Street, U.S.A. proposals than I can count! And I’d be lying if I said those moments didn’t put a massively goofy smile on my face every time.


Just being IN the parks and enjoying the atmosphere is often enough to remind me how cool my job is and what a blessing it is to go to Disney World as frequently as I do. Even when I’m just walking from gift shop to gift shop, checking things off my list, I’m quickly reminded that I’m surrounded by thousands of people making the happiest memories of their lives…and that mood is infectious!

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

So even after I clock out for work, I frequently find myself still visiting Disney World for fun with my friends and family! What kind of Disney fan would I be if I didn’t?!


Thanks for following along here at DFB! Let us know if you’d like to see more questions answered or learn more of our Disney World secrets.

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