‘Honkai Star Rail’ Version 2.2 Update Download Now Available on iOS, Android, PC, and PS5 – TouchArcade

By admin May8,2024

Following pre-installation going live earlier this week, HoYoverse has released the Honkai Star Rail (Free) version 2.2 update “Then Wake to Weep” on iOS, Android, PS5, and PC platforms worldwide. This update’s download size was 11.7GB approximately on iOS for the pre-installation with under 500MB required now. It includes new and returning characters with it being a culmination for the Penacony adventure. ARobin and Boothill will join as new characters alongside the return of Topaz & Numby who get a rerun. As for the main story content, players will be introduced to new Dreamscapes like the Dreamflux Reef, Moment of Scorchsand, and Penacony Grand Theater. Watch the newest Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 update character trailer below:

I had a few rolls saved but haven’t gotten Robin yet. Hopefully soon. If you’ve not gotten the game yet yet, you can download Honkai Star Rail on the App Store for iOS here, on Google Play for Android here, and here on the Epic Games Store in addition to its regular PC version. Check it out here on PS5. Have you been playing Honkai Star Rail regularly since it launched on mobile, PC, and PS5 and what do you think of Honkai Star Rail 2.2 “Then Wake to Weep” so far from its trailers and will you be playing today?

By admin

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