Fortnite bans its Yoda backpack for opening game-crashing wormholes while doing Futurama’s Zoidberg Scuttle

By admin May8,2024

Ready for a sentence that could only apply to the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink pop-culture smorgasbord of modern-day Fortnite? Here we go! A rucksack containing Star Wars’ Yoda has been temporarily banned from the battle royale game, after crashing games when players wearing the green Jedi master on their back do the Zoidberg Scuttle emote from Futurama.

The Yoda back bling was added as part of last week’s May the Fourth drop, alongside Lego Fortnite’s whole new Star Wars world and a bunch of other Star Wars-themed cosmetics and unlockables.

As highlighted by TwiX user iFireMonkey, it turns out the real-money cosmetic doesn’t play nice with at least one emote – the claw-snapping scuttle of Futurama’s Doctor Zoidberg – causing an apparently “high chance” of creating a dimensional wormhole where Yoda’s face, ears and entire corporeal being seem to extend infinitely into the distance before booting the player to the desktop. The issue reportedly also has the potential of crashing the game for any players in a squad with you too, which sounds less than ideal.

Epic swiftly acknowledged the problem of “occasional game crashes” caused by the gear, yoinking the Yoda rucksack from the store and disabling its use in matches while the team looks to fix the problem.

Two more Star Wars cosmetics – Disassembled C-3PO, which is exactly what it sounds like, and the Dagobah Luke outfit that pairs with the back-mounted Yoda – have also been pulled for sale for the time being, though Epic didn’t offer any reasoning as to why they’d been removed alongside the troublesome rucksack.

The rest of Fortnite’s Star Wars goodies will be available to nab by completing quests or coughing up V-Bucks until May 14th, though the new Lego Fortnite world – which is a separate zone to the existing map – will stick around for good. As for when you’ll be able to get Yoda on your back again, you’ll have to wait and see.

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