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The rankings are in! This Dragon Age Pals Adventure tier list analyses all Primons and ranks them from S tier to D tier. As you may expect, the weaker Primons tend to be those in the Common rarity.

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Dragon Age Pals Adventure Tier List

Want to know which Primons are worth a spot in your team? Take note of the A tier and S tier below, and a select few from B tier to build your arsenal for early game and end game content.

S Tier

The best Primons to have on your team in Dragon Age Pals Adventure!

  • Boxing Kangaroo (Legendary)
  • Surftide Siren (Legendary)
  • Boomclaw Dragon (Legendary)
  • Magmadillo (Legendary)
  • Phoenix Dancer (Legendary)
  • Ninja Penguin (Legendary)

A Tier

A mixture of Legendary and Rare Primons, this tier is reserved for those who shine in battle – just maybe not as brightly as S tier!

  • Zephyr Cleaver (Rare)
  • Fire Priest (Legendary)
  • Inferno Roamer (Legendary)
  • Sea Beastman (Legendary)
  • Toad Venomist (Legendary)
  • Feline Dancer (Legendary)
  • Sheildshell (Legendary)
  • Lava Pangolin (Legendary)
  • Ronan (Rare)
  • Blazing Fuzzaurus (Legendary)

B Tier

These Primon creatures are 50/50 at most. Sometimes they’re fantastic, other times they’re pointless. Situational at best, but worth keeping around when you don’t have a full team of Legendaries.

  • Chunky Dragon (Rare)
  • Adda (Rare)
  • Veggiechirp (Rare)
  • Mischief Squad (Rare)
  • PomPom (Rare)
  • Keepercrab (Rare)
  • Ronan (Rare)
  • Startleheart (Rare)
  • Pupzilla (Rare)
  • Gecko Renogade (Rare)
  • Pinecone Hunter (Rare)
  • Little Chirper (Rare)
  • Wealthy Whisker (Rare)
  • Woollphant (Rare)
  • Gluttowhle (Rare)
  • Nautiluda (Rare)
  • Swagger Bunny (Rare)
  • Pikadragon (Rare)
  • Zephyr Cleaver (Rare)

C Tier

Simply not worth it in the slightest, they’re just a smidge better than D-tier Primons.

  • Hoot Hoot (Common)
  • Queen Bee (Common)

D Tier

The worst Primon creatures to have in your arsenal.

  • Puffy Sheep (Common)
  • Goggle Cobra (Common)
  • Spiky Puffer (Common)
  • Packing Courier (Common)
  • Seeker Octopus (Common)
  • Sneaky Swuah (Common)

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