Blade Runner 2099 might be an Amazon exclusive, but its lead cast member will take it everywhere all at once

By admin May8,2024

Blade Runner 2099 might still be a bit of a mysterious project, but it’s just cast Michelle Yeoh in a lead role, so I’m already sold on it.

Back in 2022, Amazon started development on a Blade Runner sequel series, and since then we haven’t heard much else about it. Silka Louisa, who served as a supervising producer and writer on Paramount’s Halo, is currently slated to write and run the show, with the original film’s director Ridley Scott set to executive produce via Scott Free Productions. And now, as reported by Variety, we have an idea of who to expect in the series: Michelle Yeoh. The iconic actor has apparently been tapped to play the lead, a character by the name of Olwen, who is reportedly described as a replicant near the end of her life.

Variety writes that Amazon declined to comment on specific character details, so maybe take it with a small pinch of salt in case it turns out to be wrong/ the writers change course on the idea at some point. There still aren’t any specific plot details, but with the combination of Yeoh as the lead, and the potential direction her character is heading in, I’m definitely interested in checking it out. Yeoh is easily one of the best in the biz, having appeared in classics like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and finally nabbing an Oscar from her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once last year.

While on the live action front, Blade Runner 2099 will serve as a sequel to the OG film and its sequel 2049, there is actually a game on the way from indie publisher-turned-developer Annapurna Interactive, Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth. Announced at last year’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase, the game will be set between the classic film and 2049, where you’ll be playing as a Blade Runner following the events of the anime film Black Out 2022, which featured a terrorist attack that brought an end to Tyrell Corp and Replicant production.

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