A Robot-Riding Raccoon Dog With Teleportation Powers? It’s Demian Saga’s New SSR Hero Ratchet!

By admin May8,2024

Haegin’s collectible RPG Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates just dropped their latest update. The highlight of this update is the debut of a new hero and a bunch of other new stuff like new chapters. Who’s the new hero? Well, he’s a robot-riding racoon. Yep, Demian Saga’s new SSR Hero Ratchet is a special one with teleporting abilities. Keep reading to find out everything about him!

Who Is Demian Saga’s New SSR Hero Ratchet?

Ratchet is an adorably fierce raccoon dog that isn’t just a pretty face. He comes with muscle as an SSR Hero from Gigantria, riding atop a robot. Ratchet’s no slouch when it comes to combat, boasting hefty melee moves and jumping straight into the fray with a lunge attack as soon as battle kicks off.

Demian Saga’s New SSR Hero Ratchet also has an Ultimate skill. This move lets him zip right over to where the action is, popping an electric field that zaps multiple enemies at once. And while he’s showing off his Ultimate skill, he becomes invincible. He even gets a health boost after unleashing his electric field.

The latest update is not just about Ratchet. There’s more to explore with two fresh chapters, 8 and 9, adding more to Adventure Season 2. And if you like goodies, you’ll enjoy snagging two new Hero Skins just by completing the quests in these chapters.

Apart from Demian Saga’s New SSR Hero Ratchet, the game has also rolled out a new High-Grade Hero Dismission system. It’s a step up from the old one, as now you can say goodbye to those high-grade Heroes you don’t need any more and get Normal and High-Grade Dismission Points in exchange.

Will You Try The New Chapters?

Have you ever played this idle RPG? Demian Saga is an epic treasure hunt for the fabled Ooparts known as ‘Demian.’ Along the journey, you’ll be recruiting a vibrant cast of characters from five different nations to join your party. If you haven’t tried the game yet, grab it from the Google Play Store.

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