Skate reveals character customization, cosmetics and currencies including Vans Old Skools and more

By admin May7,2024

Episode 5 of The Board Room from Skate developers Full Circle has revealed some of the upcoming game’s character customization and cosmetics.

This reboot, colloquially known as Skate 4, is the first entry in the now long-running series for almost 15 years, and includes many new and returning product partners to help you nail that perfect skater look.

A personal highlight is the inclusion of the legendary Vans Old Skools, which I will definitely be rocking – unless the vastly superior slip-ons are also included, of course.

You can view the full episode of The Board Room below:

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The presentation delves into some of what players can expect from Skate’s character creator, including a wider range of heights and body types than were present in previous games. While the assets shown have been labeled as “pre-pre-alpha”, Full Circle says their art style aims to “hit the sweet spot between realism and stylization”, rather than pure photorealism.

Fashion was always a big part of the Skate experience, and this new Skate will also feature a range of real boards, shirts, pants, headwear, eyewear, footwear and socks from well-known brands like Vans, Chocolate, Girl and Dime, as well as clothing that’s been designed in-house.

However, as this is an EA game, there’s always the question of what will be available in-game and what will be an additional microtransaction. Full Circle has previously said that Skate won’t feature paid loot boxes, but it does feature both “earned and premium currencies”.

A skater jumping over a ledge in Skate.
Image credit: EA

You will apparently be able to unlock new cosmetic items with both of these currencies, but there has been no information on whether there will be premium exclusive clothes.

Full Circle said: “We’re commited to making sure your time spent in San Vansterdam always feels valued and you’re able to earn great items whether you choose to purchase premium currency or not.”

At the end of the episode, Full Circle also teased that there will be new clothing and styles added to Skate post-launch, alongside new branded events and gameplay opportunities.

Skate has no stated release date, but signing up as a Skate Insider gets you on the list as a possible playtester, with console playtesting “coming later this year”.

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