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Feature image for our Project Mugetsu Zangetsu guide. It shows a player character crouched on a fountain with a broadsword.

Interested to hear about one of Project Mugetsu’s most iconic Shikai? You’re in the right place. This Project Mugetsu Zangetsu guide talks a little about the Ichigo-themed shikai and its moveset.

Project Mugetsu is out on Roblox. Want to know more about getting a new Shikai? Try our Project Mugetsu Shikai rarity guide.

Project Mugetsu Zangetsu Guide

First, we’ll go over what Zangetsu is, then we’ll get into some detail about the moveset, then we’ll talk about the Bankai.

The Basics On Zangetsu

Zangetsu is the most common Shikai in Project Mugetsu. It’s the signature of Ichigo Kurosaki, or at least looks very much like it. The moves aren’t tied to an element and focus mainly on sword swings. Its Bankai equivalent is Tensa Zangetsu.

Zangetsu Moveset

Below is the Zangetsu Shikai moveset. These are unlocked progressively by increasing your Zanpakuto level.

  • Z – Engetsuzan – 12-Second Cooldown
    • Available immediately on unlocking the Shikai.
    • An upward, guard-breaking slash with Zangetsu that throws enemies.
  • X – Getsuga Burst – 20-Second Cooldown
    • Available at Zanpakuto Level 10.
    • A downward AOE strike with the Zangetsu, breaks guard.
  • C – Tenbu Renjin – 25-Second Cooldown
    • Available at Zanpakuto Level 20.
    • Rapid melee strikes hitting target repeatedly.
  • V – Getsuga Tensho – 40-Second Cooldown
    • Available at Zanpakuto Level 35.
    • Created a circular rush of energy around the user, radiating outward, breaks the opponent’s guard.

Tensa Zangetsu Moveset

Tensa Zangetsu is the Bankai equivalent of Zangetsu, and comes with the following new moves.

  • Z – Issen Getsuga
    • Available at Zanpakuto Level 40.
    • A projectile attack that fires slashes of energy at the target.
  • X – Tenburenjin
    • Available at Zanpakuto Level 45.
    • An aerial strike that hits multiple times, before firing a projectile.
  • C – Retsuga
    • Available at Zanpakuto Level 50.
    • Teleports behind an opponent (nothing personal) and hits with an overhead strike.
  • V – Getsuga Tensho
    • Available at Zanpakuto Level 60.
    • Blasts a red and black flame-like burst of energy in one direction.

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