FIRST LOOK INSIDE Disney’s NEW Peter Pan Restaurant: Lookout Cookout in Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs!

By admin May7,2024

Hi from Tokyo DisneySea, where we’re getting a PREVIEW of the newest land opening soon: Fantasy Springs! Are you ready to battle pirates and see some really, really weird skin suits hanging from the ceiling? OK then — let’s go!

Peter Pan’s Never Land, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

Tokyo DisneySea’s highly anticipated new land Fantasy Springs is a dream come true for fans of Tangled, Frozen, and Peter Pan Fans! Officially set to open on June 6th, there are new restaurants, new rides, new shops…and it’s all got the same attention to detail that Tokyo DisneySea is known for around the world! Truly EPIC.

Now, Disney has been very tight-lipped about one of the land’s new restaurants. You’ll find it in Peter Pan’s Never Land, and it’s a tribute to your favorite band of ruffians and mine — The Lost Boys! Welcome to Lookout Cookout!

Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

We’re here in Fantasy Springs this week for a preview of the land, and we’ll get to head in to eat very soon (stay tuned for that full review!), but for now, we’ve just a few pics to share of what’s inside.

And what’s inside is…not what you’d expect!

Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

Um…yeah, that’s a little terrifying, eh? Those are the Lost Boys’ animal skin suits, of course! But without the Lost Boys inside…and just kind of hanging there like that…they have a decidedly macabre vibe, right? You agree?

But don’t worry — even though it’s hard to look away, we’re gonna really try! How about this instead?

Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

OK, that’s a little better, right? The Lost Boys cookin’ up some stew for you and me? Love it!

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Now, when we check out the actual dining space, you’re going to see a serious island vibe! This feels very Swiss Family Robinson, right? With the teapots hanging from the ceiling? But what’s not very Swiss Family Robinson is that proudly displayed Jolly Roger! There be PIRATES in these parts!

Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

Everything seems haphazard in here — in the way you’d expect a crew like the Lost Boys to collect, curate, and coagulate (ooh…kinda proud of that word series, not gonna lie) a bunch of found objects from the beach into a viable shelter! But I absolutely love the helter skelterness of the lines. Nothing is perpendicular or parallel here — it’s all just thrown together! And check out that rad totem pole!

Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

I honestly don’t even know how these bookshelves are even still standing! But you love it, right? Like you almost wish you could live in ultimate freedom like they do…and never grow up?

Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

I could probably sit in here for hours and keep finding new details and elements. This shell decor is so sweet. I can just picture the Lost Boys choosing each shell and starfish carefully for this display.

Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

Now, we haven’t eaten here yet (SOON! LIKE ONLY HOURS AWAY!), but when you’re ready to grab some goodies, you’ll find things like the Pixie Dust Soda…

Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Pixie Dust Soda

…and the Lost Kids Snack Box!

Lost Kids Snack Box — Lookout Cookout, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs

Alrighty — we are raring to go here in Fantasy Springs, and we can’t wait to take you with us every step of the way. So get some rest, pack a lunchbox, and put on your sunscreen, cause we’re OFF to NEVER LAND! (But seriously, don’t forget to follow us on social media, ’cause a lot of cool stuff will be posted there, too.)

If you wanna keep up to date on all the Fantasy Springs goodness, we’ve got a little ultimate guide here that we’ll keep updating with all our posts. Be sure to check it out here: Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs.

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Ready to check out the Tangled and Frozen lands, too? Stick with us! We’re goin’ everywhere!



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