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Type Soul is advancing with even more updates (sorry, bad joke). This Type Soul Advanced Shunko Guide tells you what a Shunko is versus Advanced Shunko, how to achieve it and more!

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Type Soul Advanced Shunko Guide

You may already know that Shunko is a lineage progression for Soul Reapers. This means those within the Quincy and Arrancar races cannot become a Shunko and enjoy its benefits. The default Shunko offers a player a 15% boost to their Hakunda, as well as a 10% Speed increase.

How To Obtain Advanced Shunko

To obtain Advanced Shunko you need to first have the original Shunko. For more information on how to get your first Shunko, take a read of our How to Get Your Type Soul Shunko guide.

For Advanced Shunko, a Soul Reaper player must be Elite Grade and have obtained 3 Hogyoku Fragments (obtained from Faction Raids, Ranked and Clan Wars). Once you meet these requirements, travel to the Division 6 NPC within Soul Society with your 3 Hogyoku Frags to hand. When you interact with the Division Captain, he will offer you a race which includes the following tasks:

  • Grip 4 Arrancar NPCs before the Captain grips his to attain Advanced Shunko

Top tip: You can knock and grip the Captain to buy time and make this race easier for you!

Once this minigame is completed to success, you will have obtained Advanced Shunko.

Advanced Shunko Variants

Your Shunko has an elemental edge which is assigned on obtainment. The following list includes all Advanced Shunko variants. You can check the skills enhancing this lineage within your Hakuda Skill Tree from within the game.

  • Fire Shunko
  • Ice Shunko
  • Wind Shunko

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