How To Wake Up The Detective In Break In 2 Guide

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Need to get another bit of help on your side? We’ve got some info for you. Our how to wake up the detective in Break In 2 guide goes over how to recruit Detective Bradley to your cause.

Break In 2 is a Roblox game where you and some other players find your innocent camping trip going horribly wrong. Trying to avoid the weather you wander into a building looking for shelter, only to discover you’ve blundered into a villain hideout! You have a short amount of time to train up and defend yourselves, so train, get hold of weaponry, and try to outlast the waves of henchmen coming your way.

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How To Wake Up The Detective In Break In 2 Guide

Here we’ll cover everything you need to know!

Finding Detective Bradley

Detective Bradley Beans is an NPC and potential help for you in Break In 2. You can find him by going up the ladder in the center of the second floor. You’ll find a broken bridge there. You can jump the gap if you have over three speed trained and consume a Bloxy Cola before trying the jump.

Beware, if you miss, you’ll hit the floor below and take damage! Once you clear the gap once you can find a ladder on the wall that can go across the broken bridge, making it easy for you and others to access the area.

If you clear the gap you find Bradley asleep at his desk, and nothing seems to wake him up. Some allergy pill bottles next him imply that he’s allergic to mice, though. Maybe you can use that to your advantage.

Waking Detective Bradley Up

The key to waking up Bradley is in another NPC, Uncle Pete. He needs to be freed before you start, but he’s pretty easy to help out.

Once he’s free, you’ll need to complete Pete’s three quests, which are just fighting henchmen, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Once you’ve completed the quests, Pete will give you a mouse. Take this up to the detective and use it on him to cause him to jump up. Congratulations, Detective Bradley Beans is on your team now!

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