Helldivers 2’s next premium warbond arrives next week with new weapons, armour and winter weather capes

By admin May6,2024

Helldivers 2 oddly requires that I spend its in-game currency on items I don’t want (capes, helmets, any emote other than the hug) just so I can gain access to the items I do (sniper rifles, SMGs, other weapons that ultimately turn out to be worse than what I already had).

I’m so far unconvinced by the need to pay real money to unlock a premium warbond, therefore. The trailer for the next premium warbond, coming May 9th, does contain glimpses of some weapons I’d like, however.

Helldivers 2’s Warbond: Polar Patriots trailer.Watch on YouTube

Can you believe this trailer contains footage of an impact grenade, but that it’s thrown in a manner that does not cause its user to be tossed, ragdolled, and set aflame? Never have I ever.

If the name didn’t make it obvious, the Polar Patriots warbond is focused around frosty weather gear. It’s the PLAS-101 Purifier primary weapon that mostly appeals to me, a weapon that charges up the longer you wait before releasing the trigger. Here are the details of all of the primary and secondary weapons included:


AR-61 Tenderizer

A real tentacle-tearer. This high calibre assault rifle has awesome stopping power but limited magazine size, so make each shot count. Unpatriotic “banter” shots are not advisable.

SMG-72 Pummeler

A slower rate of fire than your other SMGs but these concussive rounds will leave your enemies dazed, confused, and still very ugly. Good things come to Helldivers who wait.

PLAS-101 Purifier

Set the trap. Hold the trigger. Let them charge at you. Smile. They’re getting closer. Smile again. Closer. Smile. Closer. Smile. Closer… and release the trigger.


The longer you can hold your nerve, and the trigger, the bigger the damage.

Secondary weapons / Utility Booster

G-13 Incendiary Impact

Don’t waste time reading the instructions, lob it at the enemy and run. This thing detonates on impact and ignites the area in white phosphorus, so make sure you – and your allies – are not standing around having a chat.

P-113 Verdict

The guys in R&D love this one. Gas-operated, semi-automatic, and chambers the largest centrefire cartridge of any lunpistol of its kind. “Rapid Deliberation”, they call it. Quick-draw to look cool in front of your squad.

Motivational Shocks

Literally shocks Helldivers back into action after being hit and slowed by sneaky, unjust attacks like the revolting bug acid vomit. Won’t help you much with area effects like EMS strikes, though.

You can find further details of the included armour and capes (yawn) in the full announcement on Steam.

Warbonds, if you don’t know, are Helldivers 2’s equivalent of battle pass. You unlock medals through play (or through the collective efforts of all players) which can then be spent to unlock items. Spending a certain number of medals unlocks further pages of items to unlock. There’s a free version, which is what I’m working through, and then typically several premium warbonds running concurrently.

To Helldivers 2’s credit, the additions to the arsenal unlocked via warbonds seem to be variations and twists, while your starting arsenal is about as powerful (and fun!) as you ever really need. Strategems – the tide-turning super weapons, such as orbital strikes and gatling turrets – are also only unlocked via free currencies earned through play.

In short, will I buy this snowy premium warbond? No. But Helldivers 2 is a good game, just as Ed wrote in his review.

By admin

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