What are we all playing this weekend?

By admin May5,2024

How like Ollie to volunteer to take over Playing This Weekend and then go on holiday, or whatever it is he’s done that means he isn’t here today – I don’t know, he’s a law unto himself. What am I, his mother? Thus it falls to me to ask the other staff what they’re playing, and thence communicate that to you. Jeeze, why can’t you just text each other or something, why all this middleman-ing. What am I, your mothers? But we’re playing a bunch of different stuff, so have at it.

Alice Bee
Ugh, I dunno. Something that does not call on me to think but takes up brain space, like a jigsaw game. Or maybe something that requires me to think a lot so I can’t concentrate on other stuff. Thank God I have the obtuse Nancy Drew detective games to fall back on. They’re sort of both at once.


I’m unsure whether I’ll play anything, as I’ll be meeting some friends over the bank hols here in the UK. I will no doubt watch Destiny 2 guide videos on optimal ways to collect tokens for a giant alien worm, though, as I’ve been playing lots with former vidbud Liam. We’re completely hooked again – it is a worry to the both of us.


This weekend I’ll be playing more of a game I’m reviewing which I am finding absolutely delightful, and also maybe a horror game of some description. I can’t pin it down, but something I’ve written about this week (the new Smurfs adaptation?) has me itching to play some horror. Beyond that, Operation London Flat Move continues with the discovery of a dismantled greenhouse in one of the cupboards. Everybody here swears it isn’t theirs.


It’s the weekend, which means I’ll be playing Minecraft and Fall Guys with my son, and probably some more Helldivers 2 with a friend on Sunday evening. If there’s time and energy for games outside of those, my Steam wishlist is unusually stuffed. Indika? Before The Green Moon? Sweet Transit? Top Spin 2k25? I’ll see where the wind takes me.


Yesterday I saw a video of a glitched-out robot being flung through Fallout 3’s green sky, and it made me want to play that game perhaps even more so than the Amazon series did. Bonus fact: Fallout 3 is the most unfairly maligned of the modern Fallouts, unless you count Fallout 4.


This weekend I will play the toughest game of all – trying to reduce my anxiety, which has unfortunately been high lately for various reasons, some related to health, some related to just trying to survive life with a new puppy in tow. Hey, did you know that Lil Jon put out a meditation album? Yes, that’s right, the guy who produced Usher’s “Yeah” back in 2004. As someone who likes how older rappers are increasingly branching off into new ventures, I listened to parts of it last night while doing some breathing exercises and felt better. So I’ll probably listen to the full thing tomorrow or the day after and hope my mind drifts to brighter pastures. You should check it out too if you struggle with normal meditation. Oh, and by the way, there’s a game for meditating called Playne that I regularly rely on when times get hard. I might be giving that a go this weekend as well.


As it’s a bank holiday weekend, I’m hoping to do less gaming and more seeing the outside world – weather permitting. Maybe I’ll organise a picnic or be slightly more lazy and sit in a beer garden somewhere. Otherwise, I do have a game on the go right now that I’m very excited about but unable to speak more of right now. Secret secrets.

You might remember how, a few weeks back, I opined about trying to play more small, interesting games instead of mainling Twarhammer, and I’m going to make good on that by finishing Indika, which isn’t the chore I’m making it out to be – it’s really great so far. After that – who can say? All I know is those elector counts aren’t going to summon themselves.

is away this week.

But you, me old muckety mucks, what are you playing this weekend?

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