What Are The Best Clans In Project Mugetsu?

By admin May4,2024

Want to know the best family to be in? Or just a little confused about what clans mean? Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Our guide is all about the best clans in Project Mugetsu. Read on to find out the big names, and what clans are all about.

You can find Project Mugestu out now on Roblox.

The Best Clans In Project Mugetsu

We’ve picked two of the very best, though first let’s explain clan mechanics.

All About Clans

Clans are a mechanic tied to your in-game surname. If you’re not sure how to find yours, it should be on your character’s save file in the menu. Each clan is named after a Bleach character… except one. We’ll get to that later, though.

Some of the common clans are nothing but the name, but rarer clans have different bonuses that anyone with the bloodline can use. Some have higher stats, some have an advantage in different Masteries, there are even clan-exclusive special techniques.

The Best Clans

There are a lot of clan bonuses. Not all are spectacular, but some are absolute monsters. These generally fall under the Transcendent rarity level. This means you get only a 0.05% chance of rolling one with every clan reroll. While that’s small it’s… probably for the best. They could rock most other characters.


It’s no surprise that the family of Yhwach would be pretty OP. Listing all of the buffs you get through this utterly stacked clan would take a while.

Let’s just say, you dodge 1/5 of basic attacks as a passive. You move and flashstep faster, you can detect hidden players. You get more Reiatsu and can regenerate it infinitely, you can eat souls for HP and XP, and you can even turn time back on itself with Antithesis.

We’re got a whole Project Mugestu Yhwach guide if you’d like more info.


Wait, what’s he doing here? This isn’t JJK. Well, Gojo clan is so broken it’s even broken the canon. This clan is wild. Gojo players gain Mastery in everything at six times the speed of normal players. Your guard is unbreakable. Your Reiastu doesn’t deplete with skill use. You are faster and if that wasn’t enough, you can flashstep instantly. The cherry on top is not one, but two special techniques, Hollow Purple and Domain Expansion.

This isn’t even all of it. Check out our Project Mugestu Gojo guide to get the full list.

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