Become a Legend (Or Not) In Ash of Gods: Redemption! Pre-Register Now on Android!

By admin May4,2024

Android pre-registration is now open for Ash of Gods: Redemption! The game from AurumDust combines tactical warfare with a storyline in which your decisions can change the course of humankind.

Ash of Gods: Redemption drops you into an isometric world on the verge of disaster. In it, you assume the persona of one of three main characters: a seasoned captain, a proficient bodyguard, or an academic scribe, you will experience the events as they are happening from their distinct viewpoint.

You will be compelled to face moral conundrums that will try your character as you negotiate this dangerous world.

Who Will Survive?

The difficulties of fighting and survival are not downplayed in the game. Easy solutions don’t exist, and when it’s unclear which is the best course of action. But your decisions will impact the plot, changing the world around you and having unanticipated results.

Ash of Gods: Redemption replaces random dice rolls with pure strategy. As you fight turn-based combat, your greatest weapon will be your tactical acumen. You will have to carefully weigh your unit’s advantages and disadvantages against the battlefield’s configuration.

A Story That Develops Along With You

Ash of Gods: Redemption brings a big, branching story. Your every option, from seemingly insignificant talks to life-or-death ones, will affect the plot for a long time. Your choices may cause characters you come to care about to die, and the world itself may change to suit your decisions, making each encounter genuinely unique.

Ash of Gods: Redemption has a ton of replay value with many endings to find. You can decide to fight for a better future or to be a merciless pragmatist who puts survival first at any cost. You alone decide which route to choose. Get Ash of Gods: Redemption pre-registered for Android on Google Play!

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