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Gojo has made his way into Bleach, specifically the fan-made game, Project Mugetsu. This Project Mugetsu Gojo Clan Guide tells you all about the Gojo Clan from rarity, roll rate, clan buffs and more.

Check out Project Mugetsu over on Roblox. For more Project Mugetsu Clan guides, have a browse at our Project Mugetsu Clans Guide, Project Mugetsu Yhwach Clan Guide and our Project Mugetsu Yamamoto Clan Guide.

Project Mugetsu Gojo Clan Guide

When joining Project Mugetsu you are automatically assigned a Clan. To check your clan and its buffs you can hit M to enter the Menu screen and head to your profile. If you’re disatisfied and want to reroll, head to the customise tab in the game’s title menu. Here you can access your current clan spins, and purchase more via Robux.

If you don’t want to spend your Robux, try your luck with some Project Mugetsu Codes, if the DEVs are feeling generous they typically give free Clan spins amongst other loot.

Gojo Clan Guide

Yowaimo! Appropriately, Gojo’s Clan is one of few of the higest rarity. This Transcendent clan has only a slim 0.005% roll chance, so I hope you’re feeling lucky. It is one of three clans within this rarity bracket, sharing the top spot with Yhwach and Ichibei.

As you may have guessed, this Clan doesn’t origionate from Bleach lore. Instead, the Gojo Clan takes its inspiration from Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen! Let’s see what his clan offers.

Gojo Clan Perks

  • Hollow Purple – The user gains a combat ability titled Hollow Purple. This move performs similar to Gojo’s does in canon where he slings concentrated energy at an enemy dealing huge DMG.
  • Reishi Manipulation – When travelling through Reishi dense areas, the user will automatically turn it into Reiatsu for use.
  • Ailment Reversal – The user can reflect applied status effects back onto the origional caster.
  • Reclaimation Regeneration – User gains a 50% speed increased regen buff when outside of combat
  • Blue – Player has a 20% chance to dodge any M1 passive.
  • He’s Just Gojo – Infinite flashsteps, including during combat.
  • Enhanced Speed – A 42% speed increase versus regular players.
  • Enhanced Reflexes – A skill in which the user recieves dodges to escape and Skill for 2.5 seconds.
  • Advanced Growth – x6 Mastery buff for all categories.
  • Spirtual Awareness – Player can see others through walls using the H key.
  • Six Eyes – Reiatsu doesn’t experience change.
  • Infinity Domain – User casts a domain which freezes all players within a radius for 15 seconds.
  • Limitless – No guard breaking.
  • Adaptability – When at 25% health, the player adapts to surroundings by recieving 1.75x speed, 1.5x DMG, no more passive healing and doubling jump.

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