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By admin May3,2024

Not to be confused with the simulator game with a similar name, our Anime Fantasy codes dish out a bunch of goodies to help build your team. Expect to see free gems to summon new characters, reroll tokens, and more.

Visit the Anime Fantasy Roblox page to celebrate the release. For more goodies, take a look at our Cursed RNG Codes and our Aura RNG Codes – both perfect for the new RNG trend on the platform right now!

Anime Fantasy Codes

Codes expire, and codes appear! There’s no telling when a code will expire, which is why you should redeem a code as soon as you find it. Some codes grant you more rewards than others, so you don’t want to miss the extra freebies, right?

Active Codes

Free gems and tokens are up for grabs!

  • Visit500k
  • Likes2500
  • Sub2Watchpixel
  • AnimeFantasy
  • ShadowMonarch
  • Release
  • Tkz
  • Visit150k
    • Free Reroll Tokens and Gems
  • SorryForTimeChamber
  • Sub2Jetoza

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Fantasy

To redeem active codes in Anime Fantasy, make your way over to the giant sign that reads ‘Code’. This is where the Luffy NPC is standing by some wooden barrels. A code redemption window pops up! In the blank text box, type in a code from above (or you can copy and paste it), and click the green ‘Redeem’ button.

If the code works, green text appears, and sometimes the name of the reward quickly flashes up too. If it doesn’t work, then red text that reads ‘invalid code’ pops up. When redeeming some of the codes, I noticed that the rewards didn’t show up on the screen, but they were still claimed. The code redemption is also sensitive to capital letters and punctuation, so make sure you copy the code exactly as it appears in the section above.

By admin

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