Mesopotamia is coming to Total War: Pharaoh alongside over 80 new units

By admin May2,2024

For someone who’s spent an embarrassing amount of my life staring at virtual maps, I am a downright directionless dunce when it comes to geography. Not ‘the country of Africa’ bad, but certainly not good enough that you’d want me on your pub quiz team. Also, I still do the Shredded Wheat rhyme internally when I have to follow directions. However, I do enjoy making maps turn a different colour in strategy games, Total War chiefly among them. Well, one such map is expanding before my confused idiot eyes, that being Total War: Pharaoh’s. It’s getting a new, distinctly Mesopotamia and Aegea-shaped bit. I believe that’s just south of Eastopotamia and Wegea.

These new areas are being added as part of a general rework of Pharaoh’s campaign experience, which also brings with it 80 news units across four new factions, and tweaks for a further 70 reworked units for the newly added Mycenae and Troy, originally available in A Total War Saga: TROY. The press release spaketh:

“Players can also expect further improvements to the strategic campaign layer such as the Dynasty system which adds mortality and succession to your faction leaders’ quest to leave behind a legacy that will survive the ages. Whilst within the battle layer, over 80 new units will arrive for the Mesopotamian factions, alongside the addition of over 70 reworked units for Mycenae and Troy that were first introduced with A Total War Saga: TROY.”

All in all, it’s sounding much like the speculated ‘Immortal Empires’ – Twarhammer’s combined game megamap – for Sofia’s Bronze Age games. Makes sense! If you’ve got the content, may as well use it, especially if you’re going to spiff it up with new bits. Note they’ve dropped the ‘Saga’ bit for Pharaoh – a change that led to a bit of uproar at the time, since they were charging a full pricetag for what was viewed as a smaller ‘Saga’ scale game, although this has since been rectified. Plus, this update is completely free. The redemption of Total War continues apace.

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Personally, I respected Pharaoh quite a bit more than I actually enjoyed playing it, although I reckon it could have been much better had CA Sofia leeway to give it a bit more time in the oven. Also, shout out to my year nine geography teacher, who looked a bit like Jesus and a bit like the Jeepers Creepers monster so, being the fountains of wit we were, we used to call ‘Jesus Creepers’ instead of listening to him like we should have. My dude, I am sorry. Maps are rad and I wish I’d payed more attention. Especially when they get bigger for free.

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