Blast Theory’s Mixed Reality Game Can You See Me Now? Races Back to Life

By admin May2,2024

Genre-bending game and installation creators, Blast Theory are bringing back the beloved original Can You See Me Now?

Released in 2001, this game was among the first location-based games ever. It created a singular chasing experience that left players gasping for air by erasing boundaries between the digital and real worlds. Although the game is from before the smartphone age, its fundamental idea is straightforward and fits in well with the mobile scene of today.

Run for Your Phone

Runners on actual streets attempt to find you as you go through a simulated metropolis on your phone. Twist? Their fatigue and resolve come through your headphones in real-time.

After a decade-long hiatus, Blast Theory is back, trying to resurrect the Can You See Me Now? Game. The project, which once captivated audiences in cities like Barcelona and Tokyo, was temporarily shelved due to outdated technology. Now, with a fresh lease on life, the game is being rebuilt from the ground up for iOS and Android. 

It operates by downloading the software and entering a virtual city replicating the town where the runners compete. Because actual runners are hard on your heels, your avatar will be peeking over its shoulder while you tour the virtual city! The audio feed in the app allows the runners to hear your moves in real time. Will you thus tease them or keep quiet and hope they lose your trail?

As you race through the simulated streets, the tension increases. Should a runner come upon you, they will take a picture of the actual location where you were “tagged,” permanently tying you to that particular park bench or corner.

The developers desire to introduce this game to a new generation. They think Can You See Me Now? is just as relevant today as it was then. To finish the project, Blast Theory wants to raise £20,000 through Kickstarter. Rewards for backers include everything from first access to behind-the-scenes updates to the possibility of becoming a runner yourself!

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