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By admin May2,2024
Feature image for our Anime Fantasy traits guide. It shows the traits window with a character inside.

Want to give your units a little extra something? Traits are a great way to add bonuses to a unit. They cna make mediocre fighters shine, or make your MVPs even better at what they do. What kind of traits are out there, and how do you get them? Glad you asked. Our Anime Fantasy traits guide has everything you need to know.

Anime Fantasy is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got an Anime Fantasy codes guide, if you want to wind up swimming in summons when you start out.

Anime Fantasy Traits Guide

First, let’s explain traits, then we’ll go over them.

Traits And How To Get Them

Traits are stat boosts you can roll for your units. This is done by using the Traits NPC. You’ll find her sitting to the left of the stairs up to the Evolutions building. You need Reroll Tokens to do a reroll, and must equip a character into the slot in the window. Keep in mind, it unequips them from your team, so don’t forget to put them back!

Rare And Epic Traits

  • Swift I – Attack Cooldown -2%
  • Swift II – Attack Cooldown -3%
  • Swift III – Attack Cooldown -5%
  • Powerful I – Attack +5%
  • Powerful II – Attack +8%
  • Powerful III – Attack +12%
  • Range I – Range +5%
  • Range II – Range +7%
  • Range III – Range +10%

Legendary Traits

  • Adept – Extra EXP
  • Ascension – +10% Damage To Bosses
  • Fortune – +10% Coins, +5% Gems
  • Lightning – Attack Cooldown -10%

Mythic Traits

  • Astral – -10% Attack Cooldown, +25% Range, +30% Attack
  • Aurora – +10% Attack Cooldown, +20% Range, +200% Attack, +10% Damage To Bosses
  • Celestial – -5% Attack Cooldown, +15% Range, +20% Attack
  • Ethereal – -15% Attack Cooldown, +10% Range, +25% Damage to non-boss enemies.
  • Golden – +10% Range, +10% Damage, +35% more money from money units.
  • Xenith – -5% Attack Cooldown, +10% Range, +420% Attack (Maximum ONE Xenith on the field.)

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